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Devotional: Titus 3:5
This devotional on Titus 3:5 brings to light the central Christian belief that salvation is a gift of God's mercy, achieved through the Holy Spirit's work of washing, rebirth, and renewal.
50 Bible Verses About Lying
Through the bible verses about lying, we gain insights into the destructive nature of deceit, the importance of speaking truth, and God's perspective on the value of integrity and honesty.
Devotional: Micah 5:2
This Bible Devotional on Micah 5:2 invites believers to reflect on the prophetic announcement of Jesus' birth, highlighting God's wisdom in Bethlehem for a world-changing event.
Devotional: Joshua 24:15
Joshua 24:15 emphasizes the vital decision to serve God, offering a stark contrast between devotion to the Lord and the allure of other beliefs, calling for a personal and family commitment.
40 Bible Verses About Being Still
Through quiet reflection and trust in God's sovereignty, bible verses about being still teach finding inner peace, embracing divine timing, and discovering strength in serene moments.
Devotional: Romans 11:36
Through the Romans 11:36 Bible Devotional, Christians delve into the profound truth of God's sovereignty, contemplating His role as Creator, Sustainer, and ultimate end of creation.
Devotional: Hebrews 4:12
This devotional explores the essence of Hebrews 4:12, showing how God's active word, sharper than any sword, penetrates our soul and spirit, discerning our hearts' deepest thoughts.
40 Bible Verses About Fasting
The bible verses about fasting offer insights into this spiritual discipline, emphasizing its role in personal growth, prayer, and fostering a deep relationship with God and others.
Devotional: Galatians 6:9
Drawing from Galatians 6:9, this devotional emphasizes perseverance in good works, highlighting the spiritual journey of faith and God's promise of a fruitful harvest.
Devotional: John 14:27
In John 14:27, Jesus offers peace that is deep and unchanging, distinct from worldly solutions, providing believers enduring tranquility and steadfastness in turmoil.