About us

nice to meet you

Hello, my name is Paul Williams and I grew up in California in a religious family. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching my father silently read the Bible on our porch, taking notes in a small sketchbook. Over time, I developed an interest in the Holy Scriptures and they are now one of my great hobbies. I enjoy reading the Bible, taking notes on what stands out to me, and discussing the Scriptures with my wife. When my children are a bit older, I hope to introduce them to the Bible, just as my father did with me. 

This is why a few months ago, I thought it would be a good idea to create a humble website with my favorite verses. This way, I could organize the vast amount of useful information in the Bible. Using the Holy Scriptures as a starting point, I decided to rewrite each of the verses that intrigued me, to make them easier to understand, and add a short defining phrase to each of them. 

This method was influenced greatly by my father. As a child, reading the Bible with him often left me puzzled by the meanings of certain verses. He would explain them to me, then encourage me to express these verses in my own words, sometimes even challenging me to condense their essence into a single sentence. It was this practice that sparked my interest in reinterpreting Biblical verses and deepened my appreciation and understanding of their teachings. 

My wife encouraged me to go a little further and take the time to comment on some of the verses that I find most interesting.

With all this in mind, this page began in August of 2023. I hope you enjoy it. 

Paul Williams